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Hunter Brimi, Ph.D.

In Process: Schoolhouse Dilemmas

Schoolhouse Dilemmas is an instrument for guiding new teachers and teachers-to-be as they embark on careers as secondary school teachers. Brimi establishes protocols for working with students, choosing methods and curricular paths, establishing a strong presence in the schoolhouse work setting, engaging with parents, enhancing student discipline and classroom management, and maintaining sound grading practices. In the context of these protocols, he presents 50 different scenarios that require educators to make difficult choices.

Brimi has written each of these hypothetical situations to reflect real dilemmas that educators face throughout each semester. From overcoming the challenges of difficult classes to making the most advantageous pedagogical choices, from working with other education professionals to establishing a meaningful rapport with students’ parents, from developing the classroom presence of a circumspect teacher to learning to be a humane assessor of student work—Brimi guides new teachers through analysis, discussion questions, and professional tips. In doing so, he merges theory with everyday realities to provide a practical handbook for those wishing to become effective and reflective educators.

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